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Program Descriptions

Typically, our wide range of in-person LEGO® programs is available through City of Ottawa recreation centres across the city and also at independent centres including Dovercourt, the Old Ottawa South Firehall and the Soloway Jewish Community Centre. Our recreation programs are offered as one-time workshops and as multi-week classes.   

Original City of Ottawa Programs   

Currently we are offering a modified range of in-person programs along with our  virtual programs and camps with the City of Ottawa. For future planning, here are our twelve original in-person City recreation programs:

LEGO® Build it Big  (Ages 5-6)               
Working in teams, build large-scale pyramid and castle structures. Using specialized LEGO elements such as beams, gears, axles, and wheels, create unique working machines. Operate pre-programmed LEGO robots.

LEGO® Designer   (Ages 6-7)                  
Learn about forces and engineering principles as you build large-scale structures. Strengthen LEGO building skills; build Ian's cool projects, and those from the LEGO Master Builder Academy.

LEGO® Junior Robotics & Coding  (Ages 6-7)                         
With a partner, build smart Power Functions machines, and Ian's unique sensor-driven Mindstorms® EV3 robots. Using tablet-based coding, program your robot's sounds, lights, screen images, and movements.

LEGO® Club    (Ages 6-7   OR   Ages 8-12)                    
Learn LEGO building techniques as you and a partner construct a variety of mechanical TechnicTM projects. Develop your own creations with Technic gears, beams, wheels and axles.

LEGO® Electronics       (Ages 7-8   OR   Ages  9-14)                 
LEGO engineering with a focus on electronics!  Learn about electronics concepts, components and systems. Use a modular circuit building tool to create circuits that will power LEGO machines and projects.

LEGO® Tinkering      (Ages 7-8   OR   Ages 9-14)                 
Learn to use LEGO Technic with other materials to create fabulous moving mechanisms on our unique LEGO peg boards. Build various motorized machines, a marble run, and more.

LEGO® Contraptions   (Ages 7-12)         
Learn about using gears, motors, axles, wheels and specialized Technic pieces with classic LEGO elements. Discover how real machines work as you build contraptions and other machines that move. 
LEGO® Mosaics & 8-Bit Art    (Ages 7-12)                    
Sketch out your own designs and transform them into LEGO mosaics. Build 8-bit LEGO art, and learn a variety of LEGO building techniques.


LEGO® MinecraftTM Engineer (Ages 8-12)                    
Hands-on creativity! With a partner, design and build micro or large-scale LEGO MinecraftTM villages, farms and landscapes. Join them with others, to create unique and amazing worlds.
LEGO® TechnicTM Building & EV3 Robotics   (Ages 8-14)                  
Build projects such as a vice-grip, hand drill, flywheel, robotic arm and Bumper-Bot using Power Functions and Technic. Build a Mindstorms® EV3 robot. Perform challenges using pre-loaded programs.

LEGO® EV3 Robotics & Programming     (Ages 8-14)                        
Build and program Mindstorms® EV3 robots. Build a walking robot, inch worm and EV3 bot. Program your autonomous robots to perform tasks based on input from various sensors.

LEGO® EV3 Advanced Robotics     (Ages 8-14)                        
With a partner, design efficient and functional Mindstorms® EV3 robots, using minimal componentry. Build attachments for specific tasks and program robots to perform challenges. Learn about robotics contests.

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Revised  August 10, 2022