Summer Camp Spots Available at Kanata Montessori and City of Ottawa Centres

Safety Measures

Orange STEM takes the safety of our students, clients and staff very seriously. Over the last year and a half, we have implemented a host of new safety protocols to allow us to continue to bring LEGO engineering and robotics to students in person. We closely follow the COVID-19 guidelines from Ottawa Public Health and Ontario Health and aim to exceed these guidelines in several regards. As Ontario has opened up and our client sites have returned to a new kind of normal, we have changed our safety measures. 


Current Fall 2021 - Winter 2022 Safety Measures  

All our Centres have various screening and safety measures in place, in accordance with local and provincial health regulations and these measures do vary from Centre to Centre.

In all our sites, Orange STEM continues with several key measures:

-Sealing our tablets and instructions in plastic,

-Numbering our kits for tracking,

-Minimizing the contacts on our LEGO and technology with frequent cleaning,

-Being fully vaccinated and always wearing masks in the classroom,

-Requiring student masks and vaccines as per the current health guidelines.

Do not hesitate to contact Ian for more information about our safety and cleaning protocols:


For Reference: Summer 2021 Safety Protocols

In addition to the many safety protocols in place in our client sites (City of Ottawa and independent recreation centres), we have implemented these key protocols:

-Class sizes are reduced and depend on the available space.

-Physical distancing is emphasized and student spacing is increased with more tables.

-Project work is individual, not teamwork.

-The classroom style is quiet and controlled.

-Individual clean LEGO boxes and pieces are provided to each student.

-No equipment is shared in a class.

-Tablets and instructions are sealed in plastic for use and easy cleaning.

-All LEGO and equipment are fully cleaned and disinfected before every class.

-Kits are numbered and each user is recorded for tracking if needed.

-Ian wears an N95 mask or an ASTM Level 3 mask, and student masks are required.

-Ian is willing to do classes in outdoor settings Spring, Summer and Fall.


Revised  December 21, 2021